Innocence vs. Naivety…Stay Gold!

Can anyone in this world be innocent after going through puberty?  Can a grown woman be innocent?  What is innocence and is it only equated to a new born baby, toddlers or children?  Let’s see what my trusty New American Webster Handy College Dictionary 3rd Edition has to say about innocence and naivety: Innocence 1, not guilty; upright; harmless. 2, naïve, artless. 3,devoid.  Naïve: unsophisticated; artless.

This may be how Webster defines innocence and naivety, but I believe when we as human beings consider someone other than a child innocent, we think of a certain level of purity of the heart, soul and mind.  At least that’s what comes to mind to me when I ponder on innocence.  The ESSENCE OF INNOCENCE is that part of you that hasn’t been jaded by life’s many highs and subsequent lows. This is who the Mazonallure Woman is, that is how she RADIATES her ESSENSE of INNOCENCE.  She does not harbor any ill will toward anyone who may have wronged her but also she doesn’t allow them to continue to do harm.  She knows her way around the boardroom and the block.  She has been through some stuff, some serious stuff – I mean “war on women”, defund planned parenthood, Elizabeth Taylor 5x married type stuff, but amidst it all she lives, she learns, sets boundaries and always stays gold. Cue, The Outsiders clip of Pony boy Curtis:

The Mazonallure Woman is resilient, she is “woman strong”, not a strong woman, but woman strong.  I believe there is a difference.  As a woman I believe I am strong, but my strength is very unique unlike my male counterpart.  My strength should not be belittled.  I am strong in mind, intuition, forethought and heart.  Yes, I am physically strong (so far I’m up to 15 REAL push-ups, not “girl ones”)  and I would like to get equal pay for equal work.  However, my female strength doesn’t mean that I no longer want a door held open for me or help with my packages coming in.  I still want to be referred to (in the proper context) as hun, sweetheart and beautiful.  Sometimes, I think we go too far at times when seeking to correct improper behaviors of the past. I hope we can find that happy medium and healthy balance.  I digress.

That’s it! That’s who the Mazonallure Woman is.  You can look her in the eyes and still see her inner child, still happy, still optimistic about life, still looking at life like there is so much more in store…no matter if she is 35 or 90+ years old.  So what about you? Do you try to “stay gold” and RADIATE your ESSENSE of INNOCENCE amidst all the negativity in this world? Are you jaded?  If not, why not and if so, why so ?  I’d love to hear from you.

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